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Doctors graduate in Somalia!

Posted by yeswedid on December 4, 2008

Today,20 doctors{medical}are going to graduate from medical school in Somalia.They have been at it for quite a while,longer than the normal time they should have spent.This is because of the instability in Somali.

Obvoiusly,this is a huge news item and it has attracted international press.As i listened to the BBC world service yesterday morning,this story ws on the news.The guy in the bbc world studios in london was on the phone with i think a lecturer from the university in Somalia.He asked him how the mood at the Uni is,he was saying that it must be such positive news.The lecturer told him that its not all doom in Somalia!That the problem is that the media chooses to just report the negative.


This got me thinking;do journalists just set out to highlight the negative stories?For example in my country UGANDA,all that people seemto know about this country is the dictator we had for a president way back in the 7os{Iddi Amin}and the reble leader Joseph Kony and HIV-AIDS.Yet its a very beautiful country,very gifted by nature.I think journalists need to consider some issues when reporting on anyhting in a country that has some negatives things like war and rebels and diseases.


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