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Posted by yeswedid on February 16, 2009

What are people’s expectations when they send out gifts? I was at teh beauty shop recently and a lady was telling whoever cared to listen how she had spent a night some years back,baking a cake to send out to her boyfriend at the time for valentines day. She talked of all the efforts she put into making that cake and the  sacrifices since she was just a university student, depending on pocket money from her parents.

But because this was her boyfriend,she felt obliged to bake him this cake especially for valentines day. She was so excited as she knew that he would get her a specila gift too. Well,what happened is that he got her a gift alright but not to her expections. He got her a couple of coffee mugs, which weer obviously well gift-wrapped. Whe she opened her gift, she almost collapsed! It is not what she expected, she had spent so much time and more money to bake his cake only to get some cheap mugs!!

When one gives a gift, i think it is best not to have expectations. A gift is just that-a gift. Give when you feel it in your heart to give and not expect nothing in return or else you are headed for big disappointments. And now that the 14th of february ws just two days ago, i’m going out to find out how it went in regards to gifts and expectations. I bet many people were disappointed! But hey,its more blessed to give than to recieve,right?


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Posted by yeswedid on February 16, 2009

The world can put you in a corner, and you have to devise all the possible means to get out of it. But what are some of the things you would do, but with your eyes closed to get out of certain corners?

I recently heard a story that left my hair standing on end-literally! A man was so broke, and obviously he needed money to eat and go about life. You can never guess what he did! As you try doing that, i will tell you about the culture here in Africa and Uganda in particular where i live. When you lose a loved one,{to death} say a family member; a child, sibling, wife/husband, your friends put money together for you to help you with the burial and funeral arrangements. I’m guessing that by now you know what this man did,huh? okay, i wont keep you in suspence any longer.

On that particular day when he ws broke {i hope he had ran out of all possible options}, he “killed” his mother! He went around telling his friends that his mother had died! And as is the culture here, they collected money for him to help with the burial and funeral arrangements! Jesus! As expected, it was just a matter of time and it was found out that he had lied. Can you begin to imagine that?

The thing is, his mother had passed away sometime back so i think he did not feel any guilty or remorse doing what he did. But the dead deserve respect-much respect at that because i have a strong feeling his mother wacthed him as he “killed” her in the name of survival. To be honest, i do not mean to judge him, i’m in no position to do that but really…! As a man, he should have come up with something else instead of his mother.

This got me thinking; isn’t such a good time to judge one’s character in times when they do not have money? And when they have it, i think. How do people behave in situation of luck and, say plenty?

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Posted by yeswedid on February 6, 2009

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