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Posted by yeswedid on March 20, 2009

In Uganda the entertainment industry is growing at a very fast rate, especially with the music. I’m not sure whether this growth is the same as the quality of the music, {actually  not really}. I think this is because everyone who has a voice seems to be rushing to a studio to record a song and after that they are refered to as artistes.

Okay, i’m not here to criticize. This is why i’m writing: There’s a musician here who has confessed to growing marijuana in his garden. Recently he was being hosted on a television programe and asked whether he smokes the plant which he grows {almost everyone who hosts him asks this question and i always know at what point it’s coming}.

He got angry, not very angry but you could tell that he was not comfortable being asked this question. This was his reply, and i quote “why do people keep asking me that question? I mean… it’s like asking someone why they take tea or coffee? What is wrong with me taking an innocent plant FOR INSPIRATION?” The reason why i put “for inspiration” in bold is because i don’t want you to miss the point.

I was confused! I felt misled, but i can handle myself because i’m not abusing drugs, thank God}. However, i’m concerned about the young people in my country who think highly of this musician- they look up to him. Yes, he has got the house{big},a couple of cars and he would be described as successful in his music careert. But for him to be on televiosion and say that that is the way he is inspired!{i guess he meant marijuana has a lot to do with his life and music} I’m sure this sends many young people{even the old}both the ones that regard him as their sort of success story, and the ones who just don’t mind him, in search for marijuana so as to be inspired.Being inspired is huge if you ask me! And day in day out people are in search of inspiration. I’m sure there’ are better ways to be inspired. Really


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Posted by yeswedid on March 9, 2009

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the president of the Republic of Uganda. Of all his three names, Museveni is what is mostly used. He has been in power for over twenty years. When he had just taken over, he was really popular but diferrent researches show that his popularity has dwindled. This is because he has stayed into power for three consecutive terms and word going round is that he will contest for presidency come 2011 when Uganda has her next election for president.

I was made to laugh out loud over the weekend as i walked past public mini buses that are popularly used for transport. I was actually having a long hot day and what happened made me have a good laugh, and this is why im writing about it. There was an old lady, really old with a bent back and she was using a walking stick. It was clear she was frail and i wondered why she was all by her self in the hustle and bustle of Kampala streets. Well, she did not have transport to take her where she was going, so she asked for help from the men who run the mini buses for help. But being old i think has it’s side creeps in at a time when may be it’s not called for. She told these men that she loves Museveni and with a passion! That was all these men needed to hear to tell her to go home on foot if Museveni is her man!

Even as i write about it, im laughing! They went on to tell her that if she was at least for Democratic Party{this is one of the opposition parties in Uganda} they could have taken her at no charge even if she had the money{yeah right!i doubt that} but to say that she was for Museveni? They told her to go to state house, look for Museveni to drive her home! Talk of taking things personally. If i were one of those men, i would have just taken it that she is old and passionate about Museveni. Of course she has her reasons, but i wouldn’t mind her. I would go on and give her the help she needed. I wonder if an dhow she got home. Pooor thing!

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