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Posted by yeswedid on April 11, 2009

If you are about to have your lunch or dinner, i think it may not be a good idea to read this. You can return to it later or another day altogether. I was doing some work in one of the surbubs of Kampala, it is not a busy place. By lunch time, i was still there so i took off time to eat. I had been to this particular place  before, and usually i’m loyal to food joints. The food is not bad, i’ts just that the ambience…ha! But you would not expect much in the area where it is.


Anyways, i was really sterving! I mean really! I miss breakfast {shame!as it is said to be the main meal of the day} because i’m always in a rush! This means that by the time i get to have lunch…i’m badly off! At that moment, all i need is to eat! So i get there and make my order, it did not take long. I’m not sure how to describe my reaction when i saw two flies in my stew{beef and beans stew}. I got to see them after i had had like two forks and there they were! Thing is, i was hungry and i needed to eat, but did not know any other eating place near by. There were other people having lunch here, but they did not see ‘my’ flies. I also tried my best that they did not see them because i did not want to mess their lunch and more so, i did not want the owner of the palce to lose business.

I put them on a side plate and gave to one of the girls to take it to the kitchen. She had not seen what was there so she kept asking me what i wanted. But guess what? I went on to eat the food, i even had some of the beef but inside i was freezing! The consolation for me, on this particular day was that you have no idea what goes on in the kitchen[anywhere} Unless it’s in your home, every where else, we eat by faith! We sort of put our lives in the hands of the people who prepare the food for us, really {how risky!}. But isn’t  that what life is  all about-risks? In all forms! Think about it{life and risks}. Thing is, i surprised myself that i even went ahead and ate. All the people i tell this story, before i go through with it, they go like ‘please tell me you did not eat the food’! But i did! Never play with me you all! I’m bad{i wish!} So…tell me, would you go on and eat if this happened to you? I need feedback on this{seriously!}


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