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Posted by yeswedid on June 22, 2009

I was listening to the news this morning{BBC world service}, and i heard a story about an organisation in Kenya. It was set up to help women, but particularly the old and those living in the slums of the capital Nairobi, protect themselves from rapists. This organisation teaches them tactics on how to fight back, and  the old  are mainly taught to use their walking sticks to hit their attackers in their most vulnerable places, especially genitals.

According to the people who run the organisation, and the old women who were interviewed, there has been a change since these women started getting the training, in other words rape cases have been on the decrease.

This is sad! What is happening to some men, honestly?! Why are they raping women? Women as old as those on walking sticks!!!!! Are some men that unreasonable! Jeez! Still on  rape, a couple of  days ago i was watching the local news here {in Kampala, Uganda} and there was a story of a 75-year old woman who is about six months pregnant! Do not doubt it, i’m serious! And you will not believe how she got to that state. She was raped by some young man! I laughed out loud! But afterwards, i was like how can i laugh at this? This is sad! Where is this world taking us?! The old are not safe, but the young are not safe either! What is she going to do with that baby if she delivers it, at 75 years?! A result of rape? Can you imagine that emotional, Physical….everything,  torture? You should have seen the look on her face; total innocence! You know how when people get old they go back to being kids. Now she is a kid, but pregnant! This shouldn’t be happening!

Well, for what it’s worth, Uganda has beaten the record. Last year, a woman aged 70 years gave birth {thank God she was not a rape victim} in India. She went down in the Guiness book of records. Now, it’s happened here so i guess very soon the record will be set straight; Uganda has the oldest woman in the world to get pregnant. How i wish it was not a result of rape. But it’s way to late to wish for anything like that. I hope that young man who did that, owns up and takes responsibility when the child is born. Only God can touch him to do that.


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Posted by yeswedid on June 10, 2009

Forum For Democratic Change {FDC} is one of the opposition parties in this country {Uganda} and its a bit popular. This is because it’s led by one canal Kizza Besigye , who worked with the current president {Yoweri Museveni} before he gained power. He is also {Besigye} a doctor by profession and it is said that he used to treat the president when they were in the bush. Well, i’m not writing to give you the history of these two’s relationship, so i will end that at that.

A young man, a staunch supporter {apperantly} of the FDC, was shot dead a couple of days ago in Kampala. This man has been seen at the fore front of every FDC protest or demonstration. Also, he has been very active on political talkshows on local radio stations in the country.

FDC officials are pointing fingers to the Government, saying they are responsible for his death. Actually, there was chaos in the city center yesterday as his coffin was carried from the FDC party headquaters to a church in town. It was like some form of demonstration, with shouts of…”he is a our FDC hero,Museveni this is bad…” This disrupted business in the city though it was a public holiday,  some people were working.

This got me wondering; is the Government responsible for this man’s death? Really? He was aged 28. From my observation, he was not a threat to the Government-not remotely,not scantly! I mean, all he ever did was make his voice heard, call into talkshows, so what? And that would cause the Government to kill him? My profession does not allow me the luxury to take sides, i have to be impertial, but this is the beauty of writing a blog! I can express what i feel without feeling that i owe my profession anything {isn’t that nice?} Anyways,the Government is blamed for a lot of things, and i think this is not fair. In this particular case, i do not think this young man’s death was the government’s doing. He was not a threat-period! But i would like to know what you think. Please write to me!

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