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Posted by yeswedid on August 17, 2009

I’v just been watching a show on one of the local television stations here {Kampala}, and I felt {still feel} embarrassed! It’s a wedding show, so it brings different weddings each time.

 It was a beautiful ceremony, the bridal entourage were really smart except {in my opinion} the bride! My, my ,my! She had her breasts out for all to see. She did not just have her cleavage seen, it was half her boobs out! At some point I thought they would actually just pop out because she kept pulling up her gown, trying to push them back inside. I felt for the man of God who officiated at this wedding.

 This is not the first bride I’v seen with half their boobs out though. Lately it seems so normal here for brides t have a gown showing more than their cleavage. And I always talk to myself or tell whoever is with me that I wouldn’t be comfortable in gown with my cleavage out, much less half my boobs. I guess that is because I consider my breasts private, and there’s no way i could possibly want to show them, at my wedding, in my gown! Brand me old school, old fashioned, whatever…..but I think its scandalous!

 I actually felt that for the bride to expose her boobs like that, it sort of ruined the occasion. I’m almost sure that all the guests  were talking to each other about it, and those who didn’t were too embarrassed to even talk about it. And just like me, many Ugandans are conservative in the way they dress, among other things. May be, just may be, it would just pass if it was her changing dress. This is because most wedding parties are usually at night here, she could have gotten away with it. All this said,  i think it’s better to be decent on an occasion as public as one’s wedding day.


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Posted by yeswedid on August 14, 2009

What is going on here? Over the past ten years {this is my observation} there seem to be a lot of bizarre stories all around the world. People have changed a lot, and the change is not for the good or better.

 Recently, here in Uganda, someone’s house was set on fire while he, his little son and pregnant wife were sleeping! Can you imagine that? Reason? He was standing in their way of earning a living. How? He worked for the National Forestry Authority here and he had been sent to live near a particular forest to watch it, so people did not cut trees to make firewood for sale. Just in his first month on the job, he lost his life, in a very tragic way! Can you picture that? That is just a drop in the ocean of the really sad {for lack of a better word} stories that fill the news in my country alone.

I wonder about where you live but here, there are way too many accidents that claim people’s live everyday. Some of which could be avoided. There was an incident where a traffic officer stopped a taxi {that’s what we call them here ,they normally carry 14 passengers} but the driver just ignored him and sped off. The officer got into a police patrol car to chase him. Obviously he was driving very fast seeing as the police patrol car was chasing him. Before long, the taxi “accidentally” rammed into people in a market that’s right near the road and I think one person died and several others were taken to hospital with fatal injuries. Why on earth did the traffic officer run after the taxi driver? Why do vehicles have number plates? This is one accident that could never ever have happened had this traffic officer used his brain {forgive my language but I’m angry!} and decided not to be selfish, if only for this one day in his entire life as a traffic officer! Of course he knew what to do in that case {write down the number plate and follow up that case any time} but he wanted a bribe from the taxi driver {this is the order of the day in this country}. Oh no!

Land has proved to be one asset that people here are willing to fight for, whatever it takes. People here kill for land, they engage in witchcraft for land, they sacrifice for land…anything as long as it will help to protect their land. There are people who get involved in the selling of land that does not belong to them. In other words, they rip people off. Some do not succeed because they die in the process. If say someone  gets  to know that so and so is trying to rip them off, they break into their house at night and cut them into pieces {literally}! Land is one thing you don’t play around with in this part of the world! I wonder how it is else where particularly in African countries, can someone please tell me? And if you ask me there are lots of impunity acts, which is really sad! For people to take the law in their hands…but then again justice can tend to be a very slow process.

Well, this is the world we are in now. Even if I relate to ten years back, this here, now is what I have to live with. Problem is I don’t quite know how to live with all these bizarre stories without being depressed. Many times I choose not to watch or listen to news because of the sad stories. Can you all please share with me how you deal? Those of you in other countries, how is it their in terms of deaths and other tragedies? Talk to me!

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