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Posted by yeswedid on August 17, 2009

I’v just been watching a show on one of the local television stations here {Kampala}, and I felt {still feel} embarrassed! It’s a wedding show, so it brings different weddings each time.

 It was a beautiful ceremony, the bridal entourage were really smart except {in my opinion} the bride! My, my ,my! She had her breasts out for all to see. She did not just have her cleavage seen, it was half her boobs out! At some point I thought they would actually just pop out because she kept pulling up her gown, trying to push them back inside. I felt for the man of God who officiated at this wedding.

 This is not the first bride I’v seen with half their boobs out though. Lately it seems so normal here for brides t have a gown showing more than their cleavage. And I always talk to myself or tell whoever is with me that I wouldn’t be comfortable in gown with my cleavage out, much less half my boobs. I guess that is because I consider my breasts private, and there’s no way i could possibly want to show them, at my wedding, in my gown! Brand me old school, old fashioned, whatever…..but I think its scandalous!

 I actually felt that for the bride to expose her boobs like that, it sort of ruined the occasion. I’m almost sure that all the guests  were talking to each other about it, and those who didn’t were too embarrassed to even talk about it. And just like me, many Ugandans are conservative in the way they dress, among other things. May be, just may be, it would just pass if it was her changing dress. This is because most wedding parties are usually at night here, she could have gotten away with it. All this said,  i think it’s better to be decent on an occasion as public as one’s wedding day.



  1. Basics said

    Nice point you have heRE b!

  2. Wedding parties are very enjoyable specially if there are many men and women that wants to dance ”

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