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Posted by yeswedid on January 11, 2010


Politics is one thing that I try as much to avoid, even just talking about it with colleagues, friends or  family. I don’t find myself fighting the temptation to write about it, because many times I don’t even have to consider it.

Of course being a  {professional}journalist, and the need {and interest} to follow the current affairs  where I live {Uganda}, I can’t help but read or watch {on television} what’s going on,  on the political scene. To be honest, I find it entertaining, but irritating and annoying-literally, all at the same time.

There are way too many examples that I could write about to let you know how I have failed tounderstand Ugandan politics {and of course  politicians}, but  no, I will pass. Only that this evening, as I watched the news on one of the local television stations, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a comedy show. Seriously!

Uganda is going to hold her elections come 2011. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of The Republic of Uganda came into power in 1986, and has been ruling since then. Simple maths and you can know for how long he has been in power. I still will not take that path {the president and being into power for this years}. All these years, as the elections draw close, say like two years before, he “threatens” not to come back to power. He always says that he is going to Rwakitura {he has a huge ranch there with many, many cows} to look after his cattle. About a year or so before election, he goes on a country-wide tour, meeting people, telling them how to beat poverty {yes! How to best poverty}. While on these tours, people beg him not to “retire”, that they want him to rule one more term- just one more.

So in response to their request {read due to popular demand}, he has been re-elected into power this way. Keep reading on and I’m soon getting back to the comic story I watched this evening, I felt I needed to give you some sort of background. The vice president {professor Gilbert Bukenya} invited National Resistance Movement{ NRM} supporters at his residence {in his constituency}. There were press reports recently, I think last week, that quoted him {the Vice President} as saying  that he is going to retire from politics next year, before the elections. I didn’t read or watch the news but my mother told me about it. I don’t remember how it came up in one of our conversations, but I told her that that was one of them jokes that we {i think  all Ugandans} are familiar with. More like a cliché, right from the top {if you know what I mean}.

Some of the guests had a chance to speak while  at the Vice President’s house. And all of them {who spoke}, “begged” him not to retire. They still NEED him to represent them in parliament, and to be the Vice President. Okay, I know they can determine through the power of the vote, to have him back in parliament. Having him as “their” Vice President, hmmm, I’m not sure! But, he and Mr. Museveni are…close? Friends {are these appropriate words to use here?}. At least I know they are both NRM members. So obviously they “talk”.

You think  that was all the comedy? Ha,! His excellence the Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya gave a speech {of course!}. He made it clear that he was not going to retire from politics {not remotely, not scantly}. Now, for me the killer was when he said that the Presidential advisor on press affairs {Mr. Tamale Milundi}, should get off his back! Wow! Wow! Wow! This is washing one’s dirty linen in public {to put it mildly}, and in Africa we so don’t do that! Honestly, I have no idea what he was talking about, I must have missed out on what the beef between him and Tamale Milundi is based on.

These two belong to the same political party. Why would Hon. Bukenya not talk to Mr. Tamale in private, rather than put it out like that, in public! Foda to the press {you know how the press is, highlighting one thing mostly the negative out of many others}!

Okay, now you see where my confusion comes from. I’m failing to know if this is politics {I’m actually naïve as far as politics is concerned-shame}, drama or comedy. But then again, I must admit that on the most part I’m entertained {and irritated in the same breath}. And seeing as the 2010 elections are knocking at our door{s}, there’s more entertainment in form of politics, drama and comedy {for the likes of yours truly}! Aaron Spelling {one of Hollywood film directors} should take a hint and come down here and do auditions. I’m sure our politicians wouldn’t disappoint. After reading this, do you share in this {my} view?


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