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Posted by yeswedid on January 27, 2010


It was a Saturday night {or morning}, about 12.45am. I was been waiting for my friend by the roadside to come and pick me up. We were going out to party! She was late, I had been waiting for over 15 minutes yet it’s only  a two minutes drive from her house to where I was.

I don’t like to wait {like many of you I’m sure}, especially when I can’t quite find {a good} reason why I’m being kept to wait. Of course being a journalist, one gets humbled because there’s always someone, who you need something from {read information or story} and you have to wait like your life depends on it!

The place where I was waiting is not safe, especially for a {young} woman. A number of cars stopped {driven by men}, some of them were marked with special hire signs, some were not so I wondered why they stopped. And not all special hire taxis here are marked but hullo! Why would any taxi driver think that I would feel safe hiring a non marked taxi that late. And even then, none of them that had no sign that they were for hire asked me if I needed that kind of service. All they did was stop, and {I think} waited for me to go and…….negotiate?? {do you get my drift?}.

A number of men passed and asked if it was them I was waiting for {that offended me}. Of course I didn’t say anything. Before long, a guy, he seemed quite young, may be like 25, who was also passing and asked me if I’m selling {read prostitute}. Wow!! Now, that hurt- deeply! Why he would think such a thing, and even go on and ask me?! I’m sure some other people {especially men} who had passed me may have thought of me in that way, but they did not ask me. I didn’t know what to say to him. So I didn’t say anything.

Just in that moment, came another guy. He too looked young {trust me, I can tell the young from the old….hmmm!}. He came close to where I was standing, and asked if I was okay. I told him I was and waiting for a friend who had delayed. He told me that, that place was not safe especially for a woman at that time of the night. He asked if he could help in any way. I assured him that my friend would soon be with me, but he insisted that I wasn’t safe. So he offered to stay with me until she came {oh yes he did!}.

We introduced ourselves. His name is Raymond. We had barely talked and my friend came! I introduced them and thanked him for waiting with me, but more importantly for being a gentleman {for lack of a better word}.

Honestly, I wish I had had time to talk to him more. To like find out how he learnt to treat women like that {looking out for them, with respect}. Shame that we didn’t even exchange phone contacts. I take it he was my angel that moment or night in that place. For a couple of hours, he was on my mind because of his kindness. I didn’t even have the time to dwell on the loser who asked if I was selling. Raymond helped me to ignore him.

I know he is not reading this {I wish he was}, but someone may know him. Or for those of you who have had similar situations, you can identify with me. I will use this opportunity to request men out there who treat women with disrespect, in one way or another, to please stop it. We get all sorts of harassments from you. I know not all men do it, so those who don’t, please don’t take this personal.

I sort of have my fingers crossed that I will meet Raymond again, somehow. Sometimes I’m even tempted to go back to that same spot, around the same time. But even if I don’t ever get to see him again, I will always remember him {in a very special way}. Thank you so very much Raymond! And just in case you ‘get’ this, please write back.


2 Responses to “MEET RAYMOND!!”

  1. auntie lydia said

    This was wounderfull and please keep up.
    You are my Girl

  2. Basiks said

    I hear you!
    All the way!

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