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Posted by yeswedid on March 2, 2010

Freedom {I think} is a great thing. I mean, being able to do what you what to do, to be with whomever you choose to be with {say friends, love relationships}. And I’m sure that it was freedom {or it always is} that this particular man {name withheld}, chose to marry this particular woman {still name withheld}.

You know how it is in the movies, and romantic novels {haven’t read these since high school, feel like i have lost touch}, the line of …”and they lived happily ever after”. I guess that is the ideal, that marriage is meant to be bliss {how could anyone think of marriage like that?!}. It’s  not true, it’s not even any where close to the reality. Marriage {I have been told} is {very} hard work. I mean come on! Any relationship is a piece of work, with your siblings, your parents, friends, how much more can it be with this person that you just met and you are forging a {for keeps} relationship with?

I seem to be losing the plot now {of this story}. Let me get back to it. A couple of months ago, I read about this man and woman, who were once a couple {read husband and wife}. They got divorced and the man decided to have surgery in order to be a woman. They had a young son, i think aged about nine. And the ex wife wanted sole custody of their son because there was no way she could let her son be with this “woman” who was once upon a time man! {I wonder if the son called him dad or…}. Yet the “father” wanted joint custody of their son. I don’t know how the court ruled on this.

It broke my heart. Obviously this couple loved each other at some point, for a number of years in fact. God blessed them with a son, but here they were. I know people have reasons to do the things they do, but changing your sex, really?! And the decisions we make affect the people we love, and those that love us. There you are in your community and people know your ex husband changed his sex after you two had a divorce. Of course tongues will be wagging about how you may have driven him to do that! You know how we humans are, we talk, we stick our noises in businesses where they don’t belong {we should stop that!} And your young son! How is that going to affect his emotions, his life in general? Poor thing! Poor ex wife!

I’m in no position to judge this man, I could never do that. I  guess what I mean to say is that with freedom comes huge responsibility. And it’s very important for us to think of how the people we love and care about are going to be affected by our decisions. May be sometimes we need to think really hard before we take certain decisions.


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