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Posted by yeswedid on March 3, 2010

Uganda is going to have general elections come 2011. These will include parliamentary elections and local councils. The heat is already on, the tension! Ugandans are talking, wondering how the elections are going to turn out. Some even fear that there might be violence {I don’t think so}.

Different political parties have registered their members. Personally, I don’t know why the parties are doing this. I think this promotes enmity or major divisions among people. For example can a couple belong to different parties and still live in harmony? Yet if it’s a secret {only you knows your political affiliation} then it’s sort of alright. If one’s name appears on the voter’s register, isn’t this enough? I guess these parties want to be sure how many supporters they have, so their votes aren’t “messed” with {wise, huh!}.

Forum For Democratic Change {FDC- this is one of the popular opposition parties} had their members registered sometime back. National Resistance Movement {NRM} started the exercise somewhere in February, I think for a couple of weeks. In some areas they practically went from door-door, especially in homes where they knew that the head of house is an NRM supporter. They {NRM} decided to extend the period of registration, either “their” members did not turn up in multitudes to register or they didn’t know about the exercise in time. But come this Friday the 5th of February, they will stop registering. I have always found this party organized compared to the rest, but lately, party members are putting up some drama too. And this is not in regard with the registration process, no. I cannot go into that now.

Recently, there was a major “shake” up in the Democratic Party {DP}. They had their party elections, to choose a party President who will of course represent DP in the presidential elections come 2011. After quite some drama {this is one of them political parties that entertain me, really}, Nobert Mao, the LC5 chairman for Gulu municipality won. Ha! You should have seen the drama, on TV, in newspapers… see DP has for many years been considered as the “Baganda” party. The Baganda is a tribe that has its roots in central Uganda, and it’s quite popular. And for as long it’s been in existence, it’s party President has been a muganda by tribe, and a catholic by religion. In fact most of its party supporters are catholic. So when Mao won the DP presidency, {his father is from the north, an Acholi  and his mother from the west} the baganda didn’t seem very pleased. since African society is {mainly} patriarchal, this means he of the Acholi tribe. The Mayor of kampala, Nasser Ntege Sebbagala {he was also contesting for the same position}, called a press conference the following day and announced that he is going to form his own political party. He said he was quitting DP. The following day, the press went over to his office to find out more about his “new” party. He seemed lost for words. He was fidgeting with his answers, he said something like wanting to talk to the new party president and being ready to work with him…..and he sort of seemed to deny ever announcing his intentions to of forming his own party. Oh no! Just when i was getting all excited about it!  Drama?

The DP President is Nobert Mao, a man from northern Uganda. He will stand for President, come 2011. The incumbent, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be in the race too,  Mao is spitting fire! Promising Mr. Museveni that it’s going to be a very different election. Surely didn’t the mayor see this coming, his chances of losing were quite {i don’t mean to offend any one} high. I mean he is moslem, hello?  This, plus a number of other reasons that I’m not able to state here, worked against him. Well, here we are. Like I said before, we are in on some entertainment on the political scene until 2011. For those of you who live in Uganda, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And for those of you on the outside looking in, I can only try to paint the picture{ well i hope} for you.


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