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Posted by yeswedid on March 18, 2010

Tuesday night around 8.30pm, unknown people or person went and set the kasubi tombs {amasiro} on fire. This is one of the oldest historical sites that we have here in Uganda. It’s situated within Kampala,  like 30 or 40 minutes drive from the city centre. The tombs were built in 1882 as a burial ground for the Buganda kingdom, and there are four Baganda kings buried there.

The Baganda as a tribe have been hit a blow by this no doubt, but the country as a whole is affected. As I write this, the mengo government has said that it knows for sure that whoever did this, did it on purpose. Residents near the tombs say they saw a man running off into a small car that didn’t have number plates, soon after the tombs were set ablaze..

Obviously people were in rage as the tombs burnt down, and they gathered at the site for the whole night. It was like keeping a night vigil, and in the morning they couldn’t let police at the site. Because why? People {most} are alleging the government to have been involved in this. This is where I’m totally lost! I’m sorry if you are reading this and you too think so, but really? I mean how??? There are a million reasons why I would not think that the government can get to do such a sinister act. But I won’t go there and please know that I’m not necessarily on the government’s side, I’m using logic.

We are going to have general elections come 2011, and president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has made it clear that he will be contesting {again} for president. Now, why would his government want to put the country in an unstable state at this point? Consider me naïve, but for me it simply doesn’t add up. Even if politics is dirty, I don’t think Mr. Museveni could choose to play like this. Enough of my sentiments. The country has got a crisis on it’s hands.

When day broke, there were lots of people at the site. According to my observation, most of these were youth between the ages of 19 and 35. Uganda’s unemployment rate is very high, and when such a thing happens, the unemployed find an excuse to release their frustration. They were so many, they couldn’t let police do their job, get evidence and all that. They practically told police to get lost! President Museveni went over to the scene but they were not happy with that. Like I said, most people think he has everything to do with this. So they got violent, and the anti riot police had been deployed already, and when they got more violent, military police was deployed as well. They did all this after getting word that the president was on his way. Sadly, in the exchange of stones from the violent crowd, and the bullets from military police, two people were killed and one was severely injured.

Of course the president came, talked to the people briefly, promising them that the government was going to do everything possible to bring the culprits to book. When I was young, I wished I could one day be a president, not any more. And in times like these, I feel for him! As he talked to the people, with all the journalists shoving their cameras in his face, and many people didn’t want him there, to me he looked like he had the whole world on his shoulders.

A couple of hours later, the king of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi came to the site. He was emotional, he actually cried. And for a man like him to show his emotions in public, I’m sure he was hurting and may be he couldn’t believe his eyes. His late father Kabaka Mutesa 1 was buried here. The government of mengo has declared a week of mourning from Monday 22nd to Friday 29th of this month. And different committees have been put into place to work on building the site, this time with permanent structures. The tombs’ roofs were grass thatched so it was easy to burn. Police is also doing what it does best- investigate. For now, we all anxiously wait to know who could be behind this very bad {for lack of a better word} act. Too bad!



  1. Milton said

    Very moving story. Shows a very sad state of afairs here.

  2. I every time used to read article in news papers but now as I am
    a user of internet so from now I am using net for content, thanks to web.

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