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Posted by yeswedid on May 14, 2010

It was hard for me to come up with a subject for this blog/story/rant….and even when I finally did, I didn’t feel it. But I had to come up with something to at least put in the subject space on my blog page.

I live in Uganda, a country in the East of Africa. I live in the capital Kampala. This is a third world country and even with all the resources that could make it rich, it is a poor country. It depends a lot {if not totally} on foreign aid.

I have been to three other East African countries; Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. They too, are third world countries {I’m sure all you reading this know what the term “third world” means}. If I had to chose which country to move to among all the above, it would be Rwanda. This is because this country has made a lot of progress considering all it went through with the genocide. I will not go into the details of Rwanda’s progress but I will single out the infrastructure {specifically the roads} and the FACT that the streets sparkling CLEAN! The most important thing to note here is that two decades ago, Kigali, the capital city wasn’t like it is now {in terms of cleanliness}. Just like all the capital cities of the three East Africa countries that I have been to, it too was what I can refer to as filthy at one time. Thing is, their leader, in this case the president himself decided thta enough was enough! He neede his city to be clean, and he effected thst and it worked, still does to this day and everyone is overwhelmed by the city’s cleanliness and economic growth! Even corruption is being fought there day and night, tooth and nail!

Kampala, the capital of Uganda is filthy! It’s stinking! It’s dirty! Sewage running  almost every where! I ‘m ashamed that this is my country, but more so that I’m not in position to change the way things are. Oh how I wish!

Let me shade a vague picture of how for example the bus parks {this is where people like me who don’t own cars get mean to get to our destinations} are. They are extremely dirty, with rubbish littered everywhere. For the record, most Ugandans are not disciplined at all when it comes to rubbish. Someone eats say a banana and they will litter it right there, expecting someone else to clean after them {wow!}. So the two tax parks are littered from anything like banana peels to everything that I will not write here {I think you have an idea}. The worst days are when it rains! Oh, apart from that, you will find a huge heap of garbage, so huge it looks like it was a truck that dumped it there! And this is like at the entrance to get to the bus park.

These tax parks sort of flood at the slight drizzle. This means that it will not take a storm to get these areas flooded! And it’s been raining almost daily for the past couple of months. Honestly, many times I have cried- literally, as I walked through the park to find the bus to my destination. And when I get home, I normally talk to someone who understands exactly what I’m talking about, because they either just got home or they use public transport daily. For someone who doesn’t use public transport, explaining all this would be like speaking to them in a language they didn’t understand.

The body in charge of cleaning the city is the famous Kampala City council {KCC}. If I was the Mayor of this town and the situation was like this, if I did everything and things didn’t change? I would resign. How can anyone be proud to be the Mayor of this town, and even gladly take a hefty pay check at the end of the month, and be driven around in a big car with personalized plates “MAYOR”? How? In Kampala, my conscious wouldn’t let me. If you are reading this and you live in Kampala, I’m sure you agree with me 2000%! If you don’t, and plan on visiting, please don’t let this truth change your mind. What I can say is if you get here and you can say write an article in the news paper about the filth, I think it can help coming from a foreigner. Incidentally, Ugandans in general treat foreigners with lots of respect. I guess this is because at the back of their minds most of them know that this country largely depends on foreign. So they {may be} know which side of their bread is buttered.

As you read this, you may be wondering why I have not sent this to one of the local dailies. Reason is that many pieces, uncountable in fact have been sent in, and I have had a chance to read them myself, but nothing has been done. And from the look of thing, nothing is going to be done! I know I sound pessimistic, but that is the reality. Unless the people in the positions do what they are meant to do, this is the way it’s going to be here. Very good for them that neither them or their close family members don’t use public transport, at least not on a daily basis if they do at all.

Like I mentioned above, I wish I could be in a pposition of leadership. But I have heard of the saying “if you cannot beat them, join them”. Most times when I talk to people about my wish, they tell me that many other people have got into positions of leadership with “pomp” {read wanting to change things for the better} and they were over powered by what the majority was doing! {really?}. After experiencing life the way I have, I don’t think that if I ever got the opportunity, believe me I will use it to EFFECT change that I, together with many other Ugandans desperately need!!

This is here is not even I drop in the ocean of how messed up things are in this country. Please know that this is not meant to tarnish my city or country’s image. It’s my way of letting you know how hard sometimes it is to live here. More so, if you are in any position to effect change, especially where rubbish is concerned and you are reading this, please act NOW. We desperately need help.


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