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Posted by yeswedid on August 6, 2010

Uganda is a beautiful country-really,  the Pearl of Africa! But dropping rubbish anywhere and everywhere seems to be part of the people’s {especially Ugandans} culture. Granted, until recently the capital city did not have dustbins on the streets. But even when the city council put a few in the city centre, you see people ignoring them and dropping rubbish on the streets, right next to the dustbin! I have written about this before but I witnessed something recently that made me very angry, but also put things into perspective for me.

I was out with a friend, at a good Chinese restaurant in the outskirts of the city. The place is one of those which were a home before it were turned into a restaurant. I do like such places, they give you a homely feel as you sit around, talk and wait for your order. It’s a storied house, and we chose to sit upstairs. Oh, it has a beautiful view! And we were the only people at the time, until a Toyota double cabin drove through the gate. The car was clean {at least on the outside}, and the guy who came driving it was smart too. He had a little boy, he looked to be aged four or five. He was dressed well too. I watched them as they walked from the car, as the man pointed to a seat for them to go. Before they got there, I saw the boy say something to the man, and the man pointed him in the direction near the gate.

 Right there, the boy opened his pants and helped himself {short call}This restaurants obviously has proper toilets, but this man in his wisdom, did not even ask for them, he sent his {son? Nephew….} to a place that was clean, a restaurant yard…to ease himself. What was that about? Can someone explain to me, please? How can anyone in their right mind do such a thing? He had clean clothes on {the man}, his car was clean {on the outside that I saw}, how hard was it for him to take the little boy to a proper place to ease himself?

I wonder if he is that little boy’s father. What is he teaching him? This is exactly why we have rubbish {almost} everywhere you look in this country. What do you expect if a kid does that, what will he do when he grows up? He will be doing his “business “on the street corner, on people’s gates in the neighborhood, anywhere but the proper place! And this is the story of my city, my country. I see it quite often, men doing their “business” on the street corners,  the roadside, people {ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls} throwing every sort of rubbish you can think of. The sight of this rubbish-everywhere is disgusting!

Our roots are like this. When we are young, we are taught like this. When we grow up, we can choose different but we don’t. we get comfortable with the rubbish. And now we have a very filthy country, from generation to generation. My parents were not like that, they taught me better. I guess that is why it bothers me that people liter everywhere. I don’t, but I’m only one of very few. It is hard to make an impact. I will hold on to the hope that we can all strongly want a clean city and country, and pursue that .

My government cleans when they are hosting Heads of State meetings here. like the recent  African Union Conference which was held in Speke Resort Munyonyo. The roads which the delegates use are kept clean during this time, and of course the hotels where they stay are clean. At least our visitors are protected from our rubbish, our filth.


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