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Posted by yeswedid on January 6, 2011

Uganda is going to have presidetial and parliamentary elections on 18 February 2011. Since the campaigns started there have been reports of different forms of violence. According to news reports, these acts target members of the opposition parties. Some of these parties formed a coalition;  the Inter- Party Cooperation {IPC}, and one of these parties is Forum for Democratic Change{FDC}, Conservative Party {CP} and a number of others. IPC chose Kiiza Besigye {also the Chairman of FDC} as their candidate for president in the 18 February 2011 elections. The incumbent president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is also contesting in this election, on the National Resistance Party {NRM} card. He is also the Chairman for the  NRM.

These  acts include; intimidating supporters of the opposition candidates, tearing and burning their posters, and destroying property. One such candidate in one of Kampala {the capital city} suburbs, his business {a bar}, and two of his vehicles were set ablaze. This morning, one of the local dailies carries a headline story of a candidate contesting for the parliamentary seat for Masaka {a district in the southern part of Uganda} whose house was set on fire on Tuesday {into Wednesday morning} night. And unlike other candidates who have fallen victims to these acts, this is an indepedent candidate. Thank God he and his family had abandoned that house, because he was being threatened. He says he filed a complaint with police, but….

A lot of blame is pointed towards the candidates of the National Resistance Movement {NRM} who are contesting for the same seats,  the opposition parties’ candidates. Question is, this recent act in Masaka of an independent candidate, who is behind it? Most people I talk to seem to be on the edge, not knowing what to expect come 18 February 2011. And if you think about it, there’s cause to worry. It’s accusations and counter accusations. Ivocy Coast is still unsettled, and it’s from such stories that people wonder how their fate is going to be.

While you are still pondering the { very near} future of your country, you watch the news of the assassination of the Punjab governor Salman Taseer. He was fighting for a good and noble cause, for reform of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Sometimes I wonder if it’s best to “switch off”, not to read the papers, not to listen,read, or watch news as a way to protect ourselves from all the bad things going on around us and the world. I don’t think that is easy though, as a journalist by profession, I yearn for information and I crave to know what is going on around me. I pray and hope that the world will one day {soon} get past all these cruel acts of violence, selfishness, unreasonable anger for power{ouch}, so that there can be peace, just as God intended us to live.


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