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Posted by yeswedid on February 24, 2011

Sometime back I wrote about the trash and garbage that is on the streets of kampala, the Ugandan capital. Yesterday, I was passing by a Barclays bank branch, near the old taxi park {a place where buses for public transport park} and these are the pictures I took. This was around 10:30am,Tuesday 22nd 2011.Obviously, nothing has changed, if anything ,it seems to be getting worse.


2 Responses to “TRASH IN MY CITY KAMPAL”

  1. Basiks said

    Crazy shyte huh!
    Crazy Crazy shyte huh!

  2. Love Potya said

    Where do you think is the root cause of all these? Like the old adage goes “Charity begins at home” in this case at home would mean self or person….seriousely majority of Ugandans have not the slightest moral of, RESPONSIBILITY, personal hygiene or communial living. We could all blame it on our parents, teachers, leaders etc, but at the end of the day in this generation one should be able to ask themselves; why am I doing this or that? Is this responsibilty? What image or lesson am I passing on to the young one looking at me? Isn’t it high time change started with me?………

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