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Posted by yeswedid on April 28, 2011

Living in this part of the world is not easy on a number of fronts. There many times when almost everything is going wrong. For example the bad roads, the transport system, the condition in which the public buses are in, the VERY regular power cuts….believe me the list is long.

Due to all the above, it’s easy to get worked up and stressed. But unlike our friends in the western world {the first world}, we are more resilient, and I have a few friends who agree to this. They are amazed at how we are able to even have a smile on our faces with all this going on! Oh by the way, I’m without power, so was Easter Monday {from 11.45am-11am the following day}, and yesterday {Wednesday for like 2hours}. It’s been off for over an hour and it seems it may be off for a long time. I won’t even go there, I mean talk about the power.

Personally, I try to always find a way to keep my head high in all this. I have a radio on my mobile phone, and BBC world service is my favorite station so I listen to it as I go about. I also play music in case I do not have a clear signal of the radio. But most of the public buses have radios too and people like to listen to political talk shows, especially in the evening as they return home. I can’t stand these shows! So I listen to my radio on the phone, only problem is that I can still hear what is on the radio on the bus clearly!!!arrgghh!! But those are the joys of using public transport, and it also has its upside, still you choose how to let it affect you. I always get cracked up at say the way people talk freely and loud about personal issues on their mobile phones, how two people talk about another person, how people get mad when they bus does not stop when they say they are alighting..

Tuesday night had very heavy traffic coming from town (but this is typical}. It is actually very annoying on this particular spot because there’s traffic lights but traffic police takes control and you can be stopped for like 40minutes {that’s right-40minutes! Come to Kampala, you will witness it}. So there I was on the bus, angry, trying to listen to music on my phone, the radio on the bus is so loud with a political show {opposition insisting they will “walk- to- work” as a way to put pressure on the government to cut fuel and food prices, police saying they will stop them…}. There we are, stopped, waiting, and the radio station {in the bus} takes a break for special announcements. Somewhere in the middle of the announcement I hear this..”haji {name withheld} informs the members of this…. clan and whoever is concerned that he has come to the realization that the children {the names were of a boy and a girl} are not his children. And from this day forward, he ceases to be their father, and they his children. Okay!!! This was a first! Yes, I have heard stories of people finding out through DNA that a child they thought they had fathered, it turns out different. On radio, I had never heard it. It got almost all the people on the bus laughing, including yours truly! And a discussion began, people wondering what sort of man can do that, I did not get involved, I usually don’t on the bus, besides I was busy trying to contain my laughter.


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