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Posted by yeswedid on July 28, 2013

My husband and i recently moved from a tropical climate, which consisted of nice sunny days, beautiful green lash vegetation (among other things), to a dry desert. I had never lived in a desert. This is quite a big change for me, in all aspects. But I will start with the food (I like my food)
I knew this would be one of my main challenges especially in the start. Take the water for example. It is safe to drink direct from the facet but even when it’s purified I taste something in it. I like drinking hot water but I still taste something in the water even when I boil it. I’m still drinking bottled water here in the USA, yet in Uganda I used to just boil the water without purifying it and it tasted like ‘normal water’. In order to avoid waterborne diseases, we do not have the luxury to drink water before boiling it.
Some of the people I know from Uganda, who live in other parts of USA have told me that they have food markets that sell some of the food from home. Matoke (it’s a type of green bananas) is my favorite. In Uganda if I spent a day without it, I really missed it. Now I have not had it in over two months. I tried to look for green bananas from Mexico, which one of my friends said is the closest I can get to matoke where I am, but every store showed me plantain. Really? Plantain! I come from Uganda and I know plantain. We grow plantain. I have ate it all my life- mindlessly. Now it’s one of my favorites here, it’s one of the foods that reminds of Uganda.
These friends are very helpful. Always telling me what to try out in terms of food that will be close to what we have at home. And last week I spoke to a friend’s friend. I have never met him but a friend gave him my number. My friend who gave my number lives in Europe, but she cares about me so very much. So among other things, her friend recommended ‘yuca’. It’s a type of cassava from Mexico. He had told me that it is as good as we have in Uganda. They were very right! When I tasted it, immediately I got on the phone calling him and my other Ugandan friends here! I could not contain my excitement about how this was exactly what we get in Uganda!
So far I have sort of given up the search for matoke, and doing my best to eat what is available. Plantain has become part of what I eat more than once a week, and of course yuca. And I’m doing pretty good. Like back home there’s a variety of vegetables here or even more. And even if they are all not organic (there’s organic food of course but costs more) like back home, I like the variety. Wish me luck in my search for ‘my’ matoke! And if you have experiences in trying to adjust with anything away from your country, please share with me.


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