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Posted by yeswedid on April 16, 2014

It’s been almost a year since I moved here, and a couple of months ago I started working…yeeee! The very first day I went looking I was hired. I work as a waitress in one of the big chain restaurants here and boy it’s such a blessing to have a job. I had not done this kind of job before but I got training before I started. The first day of training was 8hrs of being on my feet and at the end of that day my feet seemed like they couldn’t walk me the 15mnutes journey back home. But somehow with the grace of God we made it home.

Following day was the same, still 8hrs on my feet and the next day. For those first days, I used to wonder if I could really make it through this job. I mean I would be so tired and worn out! But I would look around me, at my workmates and they seemed to be handling the job well…and I would talk to myself that I too could do it especially with God on my side. So day after day I gained more ground on my duties, it did not take me long to start enjoying my job and before long I looked forward to going to work.

Work is quite different from Uganda where I come from. For example one of my first jobs there was in a Christian bookstore as a sales assistant. If a customer didn’t need or want my assistance I was free to sit and even pick up a book from the shelves and read. Customers would walk in and browse and if they were looking for something and didn’t find it then they would ask for my or anyone else’s help. Here every store I enter, I’m welcomed, greeted (even if most of it seems out of duty) and asked if there’s any help I need to find something. If I say know, I’m still encouraged to ask later in case I need any help.

I’m bringing about that background to say that here when you are at work, you are on your feet in a job like mine from when you enter until you clock out. In Uganda you can sit, talk on your phone even when there’s a customer who could use your help. Customer care is lacking a lot there. It’s different here and I’m learning quite a lot from this experience.


It’s not all smooth in this job though, just like any other job. For example you go to welcome guests and introduce yourself as their server. Some of them before you even finish introducing yourself they have told you what they want to drink, without even looking at you. It leaves me wondering, but in this business I learn each day not to take things personal. Some you smile warmly and welcome them and they look at you stone Others are so warm and cracking up jokes with me, and asking where I come from…and generally interested in knowing more about their “international” server. This category really makes my day!


Some have told me that I look like Lupita Nyongo (12 years of a slave) but I don’t think so. Before many of them ask me where I’m from they take guesses and the most guess is the Caribbean..mostly Jamaica. This actually make me really laugh because I do not sound like a Jamaican at all (I wish) but in terms of looks I guess I could pass for one because I’m black. Some have guessed Somalia (I’m laughing out loud writing this line because when I told my husband he couldn’t stop laughing), I do not look like a Somali at all! Well at least not to me. I don’t have the features really. But bottom line is, it doesn’t really matter what the guests’ guesses are, in fact I like it when they guess because no one has got it right yet. I think only one guest got it right. It’s all part of what makes my job fun and exciting.

My feet and legs are somehow used to standing for over 7hrs, even though by the end of it all I’m really tired. But with God I take each day by the horns and as I go on in my shift with my workmates I keep saying to myself “I can do this” with God strengthening me! I’m enjoying my first work experience in this country for sure and I thank God for the opportunity! So many stories to tell when I go home this summer. Can you please share with me briefly your work or just experiences from another country? I would appreciate that..thanks! oops! I almost forgot, I’m told almost every day that I have a beautiful accent. My Ugandan accent is beautiful!ooooohhhhImage


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