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I’m a young woman,i live in Africa-East Africa.I live in a country called Uganda,in the capital city Kampala.I’m a journalist by profession and i do freelance at the moment.I’m passionate about life, writing,reading,meeting and talking to people,traveling,current affairs,music and watching televion.I think this describes me to a great extent.


One Response to “About”

  1. Jess said

    Hello B! what great articles- I love your take on journalism, you have a very inquisitive mind and I’ve enjoyed reading all of these peices- they have made me laugh and smile and think…and most of all remember the wonderful and complex country that is Uganda! Keep up the writing!

    you are the little buzzing bee of Kampala…who finds the big questions in the smallest of life’s incidents, and that’s what makes life so rich!

    Jess xxx

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